UNSW Graduate Capabilities

UNSW aspires to develop globally focussed graduates who are rigorous scholars, capable of leadership and professional practice in an international community.

The university has, thus, articulated the following Graduate Capabilities as desired learning outcomes for all UNSW students.

UNSW programs aspire to graduate:

  • a) Scholars capable of independent and collaborative enquiry, rigorous in their analysis, critique and reflection, and able to innovate by applying their knowledge and skills to the solution of novel as well as routine problems;
  • b) Entrepreneurial leaders capable of initiating and embracing innovation and change, as well as engaging and enabling others to contribute to change;
  • c) Professionals capable of ethical, self- directed practice and independent lifelong learning;
  • d) Global citizens who are culturally adept and capable of respecting diversity and acting in a socially just and responsible way.